Dulce Encanto was founded in Medellín, Colombia in 2012 by Liliana Moreno. After studying and working as a computer engineer, she eventually found a passion for business and began selling women’s accessories with the goal of spreading messages of empowerment and self- love. 

Since 2012, Dulce Encanto has created hundreds of beautiful pieces with positive messages that inspire and empower. However, our goal of empowerment does not only extend to our customers, but also across the entire supply chain. We take pride in the fact that each design is handmade by single mothers and female heads of the household who use their designs to answer our guiding question: how can we make others and ourselves happy? All of our accessories are also made with high quality handmade materials and a lot of love!

 At last, after 10 successful years of business in Colombia, Liliana decided to extend the brand’s reach to the United States, opening a branch in Boston, Massachusetts with her brother Steven. So, finally, we’re happy to say, for those of you in the US, welcome to the Dulce Encanto family!

For The Heart